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Somewhat out of place, but officially also part of the album Randomized there is Rulia. At first there was a very overloaded and hard to bear orchestral version including this piano part (slightly modified).

I removed the orchestral part and the breaks that were left over. This way a fairly complex, but not incredibly overambitious piece came into existance. Download the final result here.

On Trax in Space I left this comment:

This is the piano part from a chamber orchestra piece. By accident I realized that the piano part is sufficient to be a track on its own (while the orchestral piece is, unfortunately, seriously flawed).

This is the last post covering my „late career“. There werde numerous other works before these, but maybe they will never make it into this blog.


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The last track of Randomized is New Shores. Actually it was meant to be a starting point for further work, but I lost interest in Trax in Space after some strange disputes and did not find enough motivation to create tracks just for myself. Therefore this track practically marks the end of my musical career.

I left this comment on Trax in Space:

A track about reaching new shores and using opportunities.
I dedicate this track to SpaceWalk, whose kind words work like magic.
This is also the final track for the album Randomized.

Get the mp3 file here. It is another pretty emotional track. One of the main reasons I quit music is my inability to create something positive and uplifting. Instead my pieces tended to be depressive and dark.

Also my musical abilities are not really top notch: Not really knowing notes and harmonies becomes problematic after a while.

Anyway: All these reasons made me quit in the end.

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The track Again and Again somehow managed to become the most ambitious piece of music I ever created. It took two weeks of spare time and finally became quite acceptable. Especially the combination of orchestral music and a drum kit works better than anticipated.

On Trax in Space I left this comment:

An orchestral piece featuring lots of instruments (brass, strings, woodwind) and drums.
The piece somehow tells a story, but I haven’t got a clue what it is. Do you?

Hint: This piece isn’t „loudified“ as this isn’t a good thing for classical pieces. Turn up the volume of your speakers to get the most out of it.

Find the track here. Once again production quality is not exactly overwhelming, though it’s not too much of a problem.

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HienTau’s Music: „Requibat“

image for "Requibat"Also minimalistic in terms of instrumentation Requibat shows a bit more overall presence than Estapins. Its main plus is also its weakest point: The simple, effective arrangement.

There isn’t a lot happening in this piece from this perspective. But except for professional musicians this isn’t a problem (as far as I’ve heard). On Trax In Space this track was easily my best rated track.

As usual a witty comment crept up into my mind and made me write this ingenious remark:

another rather melancholic track

Listen: hientau – Requibat

Despite the positive comments the track didn’t become a track people listened to often. In fact only Deep Sea was listened to less often. But times promised to become more interesting after all as you’ll see in the next music post.

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HienTau’s Music: „Estapins“

image for "Estapins"Back in the old days I wanted to do some sort of album with several more or less fitting tracks on it. In fact it worked and became Randomized, an emotional album with mainly classical/movie soundtrack style music. One of the earlier pieces is Estapins. As you might have concluded already my brain’s part for finding great and fitting titles is severly handicapped.

Nevertheless it does not stop the music from being a sincere statement. In some way many of my tracks worked as musical diary entries ( „How did I feel back then“ ).

At Trax In Space I once again left a comment, this time 150% wittier than the comment for Deep Sea… which makes it about 10% witty on a global scale:

A slightly melancholical classical piece played with several woodwind sections, strings and several other sampled instruments.

Listen: hientau – Estapins

In the comments I learned that this track might lend a bit to Phillip Glass, whom I didn’t know of at that time. Fortunately I soon found out what Phillip Glass is capable of. Especially his interpretation of the original Dracula movie is very interesting.

In contrast to a lot of other pieces I produced before this one is quite rich in sound, even though it is still quite minimalistic and lacking production value. The next piece is similar in that aspect, but that’s something for another post.

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image for "Deep Sea"Just a year ago I still liked to create pieces of music using PC software and virtual instruments. Although this time feels like gone for ages, it is only a matter of a few months. Since then I tried again and again to get back, but times have changed and making music like then is definitely history.

Up to a certain point it was great fun and this hobby consumed a lot of time. When after some years I reached high walls and limits I could or did not want to overcome them.

To remember what it was like I go back again in time and show you some of the pieces I have done.

As a start I show you a fairly advanced piece (in terms of what I was able to produce). When I published the track on Trax In Space, a composer site, I wrote this incedibly insightful comment for Deep Sea to which I have nothing to add really:

Deep Sea tells the story of a journey to the deep sea. Imagine an exploration crew descending to places no human being has seen so far…

Listen: hientau – Deep Sea

I published the track in early 2008 when most of the production was done using Reaper, which in fact is a DAW, not exactly a composer’s tool, but rather a producer’s. Nonetheless I liked it (and still do), because VST instrument integration and handling is so much easier than in any other software I tried before (including Steinberg’s Cubase, which was a big disappointment for me).

This track was also a stress test for my PC at that time as it was not possible to play back all tracks of the piece at once. For such purposes it is possible to „freeze“ one or more tracks (that means to prerender all instruments and effects on a track so only the final result must be played back) and play only tracks in realtime that are being edited at the moment.

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